Selective Fire-fighting History 

    Much history has been recorded about fire fighting, as well as the many devastating fires that destroyed our towns and cities. Throughout the past several centuries, as the population grew, so did the need to find ways to protect the people from fires.  Starting with the organization of fire fighting units, man's ingenuity produced a steady stream of inventions and improvements in the patented fields of fire apparatus.  This special section on firefighting history is dedicated to providing information about the inventions, the patents, and improvements, as well as to the firefighters who battled fires tirelessly, rescuing people in harm's way.

   These selective histories, far from complete, have been compiled from museums, the internet, and from the knowledge learned while chasing this magnificent fleet of firefighting apparatus and equipment around the globe, whether found in museums, firehouses, maintenance shops, private garages, fields or in our salvage yards. 


   Honoring firefighters, past and present, first responders, and fire museums around the world, this website is dedicated to you.

Fire-fighting began in ancient Rome under the rule of Augustus in the 3rd Century.  READ MORE

During the colonial years in the United States, fire plagued the growing cities. READ MORE

An early device used to squirt water onto a fire was known as a squirt or fire syringe. READ MORE 

America's earliest alarm system used rattles and bells . . . READ MORE 

Until the mid-19th century, most fires were fought by water transported to the scene in buckets. 

Until about 1800, firemen relied on rivers, ponds, horse troughs, and wells .   .  .  READ MORE

The original American fire helmet was created by a New York City luggage maker .  .  . READ MORE

Fire insurance marks are metal plaques marked with the emblem of insurance companies.

A patent model was a handmade miniature model no larger than 12" by 12" by 12"  . . .

Until the 1850's there was no truly effective way to extinguish .  .  .

Most American fire departments use the Maltese Cross as a logo on badges and shoulder patches. 

Each October 9th, the people of Chicago commemorate "The Great Chicago Fire" of 1871 .  .  . READ MORE

A list of notable Museums around the World.  READ MORE

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