Wooden wheel from 1910 antique fire truck phtograph in San Jose, Costa Rica

  Fire Truck World - Antique Fire-fighting Equipment Photography

Fire truck museums in Australia and New Zealand

Fire  Apparatus Museums

Fire Services    
39 Gisborne Street
East Melbourne    
Victoria, Australia                
Tel: 03-9662-290703-9662-2907             

Thur. &  Fri.: 
9am to 3pm
Sun.:10am to 4pm

Museum of Fire

Former Penrith Power Station
1 Museum Drive
Penrith, Sydney, Australia
Tel.: 02-4731-300002-4731-3000
7 days a week:
9:30am to 4:30pm
Last Resort Fire
 Dept. Museum
301-2nd Ave South
Pioneer Square
Seattle, Washington
Wed. & Thur.:
11:00 to 3:00pm
Winters: Wed. Only
Museum Transport
  And Technology

805 Great North Road

Western Springs
New Zealand

Tel.:  +64 9 815-5800+64 9 815-5800

7 days a week:
10am to 5pm
New York City
 Fire Museum
278 Spring Street
Manhatten Hudsen Square District
New York
www.nycfiremuseum.org    7 days a week:       
10 am to 5pm
North Charleston &
American LaFrance
     Fire Museum
Centre Pointe Drive
North Charleston,
North Carolina


 Tel:  843-749-5550843-749-5550

Mon. to Sat.:
10am to 5pm,
Sun.: 1pm to 5pm
The Fire Museum
    of Maryland
1301 York Road
Lutherville, Maryland
Tel.: 410-321-7500410-321-7500
Mon. to Fri.:
9am to 5pm
Hall of Flame
Fire Museum
6101 East Van Buren St.
Phoenix, Arizona

Mon. to Sat.:
9am to 5pm,
Sun.: 10am to 4pm

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